SOTW1: Ch 26

We spread Chapter 26: The People of the Americas over the two weeks that Anne was here. Anne read the chapter to Ivy and helped her find North/Central/South America on a globe.

We didn’t do any extra reading for this chapter because the literature suggestions were all for later cultures. I was not able to find any age appropriate books on the Nasca, Olmecs, or Anasazi at our library. (I had hoped to add the Anasazi into this lesson, but it didn’t happen).

Digging For the Truth, “Secrets of the Nazca Lines”
(This series also has episodes that focus on the Olmecs and Anasazi, but we didn’t watch them.)

Even though we didn’t do any extra reading, we did manage to do two of the activities in the SOTW AG – “Make a Nasca Line Drawing”  and “Make Tapioca Pudding.”

The tapioca was a mediocre hit. I love it, but Bean was so-so on it. It also took a long time to make. I ended up putting our iPad on the stove so we could watch Digging For the Truth while we stirred the pudding.

After we finished the pudding and show, we make Nasca Line Drawings. I gave both girls white paper and a white crayon. When they were done, they brushed watercolors on the paper in order to see their drawings.



One response to “SOTW1: Ch 26

  1. Reading the chapters to Bean was great, also using the globe to relate it to where we are. It was cool to read about the drawings & then in the end have no definitive answer on how they came to be. We theorized.

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