Daisies 3/28/13 – Red Petal & 3 Cheers!

The highlight of tonight was finishing up our Red Petal!  We also did a little bit on our 3 Cheers! Journey, but other than the animal flip book, it was fairly incidental.

Basic Meeting Outline
Opening Circle
Go Over Petal Board
Red Petal: Jumping Rope
3 Cheers!: Animal Flip Book
Red Petal: 2 Relay Races
Closing Circle

Opening Circle was presided over by one of the moms. My Brownies were there tonight as well to finish up their Quest TAP, and I needed to get them started. The mom went over the GS Law/Petal Board with the girls, focusing on the Red Petal/Courageous & Strong. She tied it back to our last meeting when the K9 officer visited us.

tulaThat is the point I rejoined the Daisies, and I asked the girls to give me examples of being courageous (standing up in front of everyone and singing,  talking in front of our troop, getting a shot…) and strong (riding bikes, dancing – ballet, tap, Irish dancing…).

Once everyone had had their say, I asked how many girls had ever jumped rope before. All of them raised their hands. Then I said we (the other two moms and I) were going to show them a different way to jump rope. The moms turned the rope, and I jumped. The girls were awed. And nervous. And one of them started crying when she realized that I wanted her to jump into a spinning rope and keep jumping (more on her later).

We started easy by just swinging the rope back and forth close to the ground. It took the girls multiple tries to get the coordination to repeatedly jump over it. A few of them didn’t get the hang of it at all (we only had about 15-20 minutes for this activity). The ones who did moved on to jumping while the rope turned completely around them.

Ironically, the one girl who started crying at the beginning was the first one to get the hang of jumping over the rope, and the first one to successfully jump while it turned around her.

After taking a break for a 3 Cheers! craft, we divided the girls into two teams for some relay racing. The first relay involved running to the other end of the room, taking an action card from one of the moms, and completing that action. The actions were:

*Do 10 jumping jacks
*Jump on one leg and count to 10
*Say what your favorite thing about GS is
*Recite the GS Promise

We had minimal drama with this, the only such being my shyest girl pulled the GS Promise card. It didn’t end well. We ended up stepping out of the room to start setting up for snacks while the rest of the girls finished playing.

The second relay was one I remembered from when I was a kid. Each girl had to run to the other end of the room, take a baseball bat from the mom, stand it on the ground, hold it by the grip, put their forehead on the end of the handle, spin around the bat three times, then run back. I was not in the room for this relay, but I could hear the girls down the hall.

3 cheersWe only did one thing this meeting that pertained to 3 Cheers!, and it was the animal flip book. (I really wanted to find a way to fit it in). The caveat was that the girls had to draw only animals they felt were strong and/or courageous.

Each girl received three 4″x6″ blank index cards. One animal per card. Then we put a blank card behind those three, punched holes, tied string through them, then cut the three pictures they drew. Instant wibbly flip book! (Sorry the photo isn’t terribly good, I’ll try again tomorrow when the sun is up.)

D328 005

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