Brownie Quest TAP Part 2

Last night, the Brownies had an extra meeting so they could finish up their TAP for Quest (Part 1 of the TAP being our meeting last week). I put them in our main meeting room, and kept the Daises to our two secondary rooms. Two Brownie moms volunteered to be in charge so I could focus on the Daisy meeting.

I’ll take the centerpieces to the soup kitchen on Saturday morning. Anyone who will be in town will hopefully go with me. If they don’t, there’s no black mark. None of us were expecting to do something on such a tight deadline. The girls rose to the challenge though.

Resist my cuteness!

Resist my cuteness!


One response to “Brownie Quest TAP Part 2

  1. There is no resisting their cuteness! What a great final product. It was so fun to be at the meeting where the girls were doing the eggs (whirling bags of glitter above their heads!) & making the critters. They were all so engaged and clearly feeling happy & successful. And now these baskets are going out to make someone (who really needs it) feel good. Great work.

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