Weekly Recap 3/31/13

Friday was Bean’s last archery lesson. I hope lessons are offered again because I will sign her up in a heartbeat. Friday was also a slight bust for school. We managed to get half of it done before she left for archery, but by the she came back, DH was home from work and all three kids spend the next several hours playing outside (weather nice enough is a treat at this time of year).

Math – Bean completed four front-and-back pages of MM1A. Right now, the lessons are math facts review, so I’m making her do every problem on every page. That being said, she is not writing every answer down. About 1/3 of them she’s dictated to me to write down.

Romulus and Remus
Disney’s DuckTales: Webby Saves the Day
The Magic School Bus Has a Heart

Current Read-Aloud
Dragonbreath (I stopped reading this after about 30 pages. I thought it was meh the first night, but on the second night, I just couldn’t continue. The tone bothers me for some reason.)

LangSmarts B – LS B is our “fill-in” curriculum for the rest of the school year now that we’ve completed FLL 1 and ETC. She’ll pick both up again this Fall. LS B goes beyond what we’ve done  in both FLL and ETC, but the first part of it at least will be some solid review. Bean has completed pages 5-28, which covered short and long vowel sounds. (We skipped the opening pages dealing with the alphabet.)

WWE – We completed Lesson 26 with excerpts from The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.

History – We completed Chapter 27: The Rise of Rome.

Science – We completed Lesson 6: The Circulatory System.

Handwriting – Bean finished up cursive lower case and started upper case on Friday. Her cursive writing seems to be better than her print writing which makes me think there’s something to learning cursive first.

Spanish – Chapter 12 completed. This lesson continued classroom commands. I also threw in some review of the previous chapter since it’s pertinent. Bean loved having us take turns giving commands to each other.

Logic – We played Spider Island on Monday, but did not do logic on any other day.

Piano – Bean finally finished Alfred’s Basic Piano 1A after almost a year and a half.  She’ll start Alfred’s Premier Piano Course 1B at her next lesson. We  could have stayed with the other series, but her instructor said she likes this one better because it introduces hand movement earlier.


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