Daisies: Red Petal


I did not use the new guide whatsoever for this Petal. I find the story manufactured and what amounts to an adult’s pipe dream of how playground bullying is successfully resolved.

What We Did (conveniently linked for more details)
*Local K9 officer came to a meeting and talked to the girls about his job
–> Read Officer Buckle and Gloria
*Learned how to do school-yard jump-roping
*Played an action relay
*Played a “spin around in a circle while your forehead is pressed against a baseball bat” relay
*Made animal flip books using animals the girls thought are strong/courageous

Other Ideas
*Set up an obstacle course for the girls to run through
*Invite a dance teacher to give the girls a lesson (or visit a dance studio)
*Invite a martial arts teacher to give the girls a lesson (or visit their school)
*Set up an anti-bullying session with a martial arts school
*Take a self-defense class
*Take a field trip to a gymnastics school
*Take a field trip to an indoor rock climbing studio
*Do a show-and-tell focused on courageous women
*Create a skit and perform it for the girls’ families
*Have the girls pretend to be superheroes, what would their powers be?, what would they do? See the GSRV guide.
*Try a new/exotic food
*Invite a firefighter/EMT/military member to a meeting to speak to the girls
*Go camping (-lite)
*Have a fashion show or an pet show (using stuffed animals)
*Play Emotion Charades (girls have to act out an emotion in front of the troop w/o talking)

Journey Tie-Ins
3 Cheers for Animals!

Picture Book Possibilities
*I have read some, but not all, of the books below. Please preview before using.
Mirette on the High Wire
The Paper Bag Princess
Harriet and the Roller Coaster
Sheila Rae, the Brave
Brave Irene
The Princess Knight
The Tale of Sir Dragon: Dealing with Bullies for Kids
A Bad Case of the Stripes
Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent
Brave Charlotte
The Man Who Walked Between the Towers


One response to “Daisies: Red Petal

  1. Thanks for the first comment on the story being an adult’s pipe dream of how bullying is resolved. Absolutely agree. People simplify bullying, and especially telling kindergarteners this sort of stuff ultimately is very disillusioning. I am bookmarking your site right now!

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