SOTW1: Ch 27 & 28

Chapter 27: The Rise of Rome begins our foray into Ancient Rome! As with the chapter on Alexander the Great, I read a different book on the first day instead of SOTW. In this case, The Best Book of Ancient Rome (the first half). On Thursday, we read both sections of the chapter in SOTW and the second half of TBBAR.

Bean picked up on the significant differences of the Romulus and Remus myths between the same-titled book and what was offered in SOTW. It was yet another opportunity to pound into her that there is no right version of a myth or fairy tale. There will always be some sort of difference ranging from minor to major.

*Bean read Romulus and Remus out loud.
*We read the first half of The Best Book of Ancient Rome on Monday, and the second half on Thursday.

best book rome rom and rem

Ancient Civilizations for Children: Ancient Rome


This week, we did Chapter 28: The Roman Empire.  We ended up doing something Rome-related on almost every day of the week.

*We read the introduction plus the first five myths from The Orchard Book of Roman Myths.

*We only flipped through The Gladiators by Tomas Tuma. It’s neat in that it is shaped like the Colosseum.

roman myths mccaughreankids ancient romeroman colosseumywwtb gladiatorgladiators tuma

Engineering an Empire: Rome (We only watched the introduction and the sections on the Appian Way, aqueducts, and Colosseum)
The True Story of Gladiators (Bean was a bit bored with this one)

Bean decided that she wanted to built the Colosseum, so we added an extra day to accommodate that. It was completely her idea, I just had to facilitate it.

I cut out a large rectangle of cardboard, drew three horizontal lines across it and then drew multiple vertical lines (to help her with arch dimensions). I painted a sample arch and she was off.

rome 001

After several more steps of painting details, we had a finished product. Most definitely not the most fancy Colosseum in the world, but neat nonetheless for the sheer fact that it was Bean who initiated its construction.

rome 006


3 responses to “SOTW1: Ch 27 & 28

  1. So cool that Bean initiated that (she definitely has her both her grand- dads DNA! And also that, as with the myth- busters, you are cultivating her critical thinking. Single most important quality!

  2. You are truly inspiring! I love the Colosseum, thanks for sharing!

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