Weekly Recap 4/7/13

Because this was a First Friday week, our schedule got a little bit skewed, and while we ended up completing most everything, we didn’t get to all of it.

Math – Bean continued reviewing math facts. She also worked on multiple number addition (1+1+1) and took the Chapter 1 test. Admittedly, I completely forgot about the tests for this, but better late than never. She scored a 100% on it.

The Railway Children (Usbourne Reader) (in progress)

Current Read Alouds
The Magic School Bus: The Search for the Missing Bones
The Orchard Book of Roman Myths

LangSmarts B – We did page 29-36 which covered vowel digraphs and dipthongs.

WWE – We completed Week 27 with excerpts from A Christmas Carol.

History – We completed Lesson 28: The Roman Empire. Bean wanted to build the Colosseum, so we did. We wanted to build an aqueduct too, but didn’t get around to it.

Science – We completed HB Lesson 7: The Respiratory System. Well…almost completed it. We are going to do the two experiments in the MSB science kit tomorrow. I do not have 2 liter bottles laying around the house so I had to go out and buy some cheap soda (which will be dumped out after the kids have a little bit of it).

Handwriting – Bean continued with capital letters. We also counted her WWE copywork as handwriting since she did it in cursive.

Spanish – Bean completed Lesson 13 (basic manners – please, thank you, excuse me), and started Lesson 14 (review lesson).

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