Daisies/Brownies 4/11/13 – Part 1

Tonight was one of the rare joint meetings with both levels together. And it was hectic. And I couldn’t have done it without the help of multiple moms who volunteered to help. It would be less hectic if two of my girls were less disruptive.  (After almost two years, I still don’t have them under control. I know part of it is my fault, but the only way I think I could get them to focus would be to go military on them. I honestly don’t think they want to be there.)

Anywho. The focus of our meeting tonight was baking dog biscuits and making catnip toys (I refuse to call them “happy socks” because whoever came up with Operation Happy Sock did not 1. run it by a teenage boy, and/or 2. did not do an internet search). The Brownies completed their Pets Badge, and the Daisies (mostly) completed 3 Cheers!.

The girls were split into into three groups – 4 Daisies, 4 Daisies, and 5 Brownies. Each group rotated through dog biscuits, cat toys, and finishing up respective badges/Journeys.

Dog Biscuits
Three moms were in the church’s kitchen helping the girls bake dog biscuits. The girls made the dough, rolled it out, cut out shapes, and put the biscuits on cookie sheets. I hope the dogs like hearts, eggs, and rocket ships because those are the cutters I had at home.

dog cat 003

Cat Toys
Two moms were in charge of this. Each girl made four toys out of athletic socks. They put around a teaspoon-ish of catnip and a baseball-sized gob of poly-fil into the sock and tied a knot. Voila! Cat toy!

dog cat 005

We will take them to our SPCA this coming Saturday. The same woman who talked to the Daisies about pet safety will give us a tour.


One response to “Daisies/Brownies 4/11/13 – Part 1

  1. Fabulous! And the cat toys look enough like creepy sock monkeys that I am not sorry they will end up being mauled. Good job!

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