Daisies/Brownies 4/11/13 – Part 2

Brownie Circle Time
The Brownies did their group time first while the Daisies made the treats/toys. It was a lot of sitting and talking and they did great with it. First I recapped what we did during our Quest Journey. Then each girl shared what she did for Step 5 of the Pets Badge. I also asked them to start thinking about our camp-out in July (meals, etc…).

After that, the final mom who volunteered took over for me so I could pop around and check on the other groups. She asked them:

What was your favorite Badge/Patch?
*Cookie-Selling Dolphin
*Science Museum Overnight

What was your favorite thing about GS this year?
*Sleep over @ the Science Museum (multiple responses)

What would you tell a Daisy about Brownies?
*At camp, we can make our own food
*You don’t have Petals and you don’t earn Brownies
*Brownies will sleep at camp
*Sleeping over is fun
*Brownies don’t have snack-time
*Brownies do science projects
*Watch out that you don’t get too many badges for your sash (??)

Daisy Circle Time
The Daisies did their group time somewhat piecemeal. Making cat toys does not take nearly as long as baking biscuits, so in that dead time, we recapped what we’d learned during our 3 Cheers! Journey and how that tied into being Considerate and Caring. This Journey fits in beautifully with the Spring Green Petal.

As five of my eight Daisies will be Bridging, we also started working on the requirements for the Bridging Award. Most of the girls told me what their favorite part of GS this year was (one didn’t like anything about GS):

*Seeing the K9 officer and his dog
*Baking Christmas cookies
*Baking dog treats
*Sleeping overnight at the aquarium (multiple responses)
*Service Unit PJ party

Then they drew a picture on a blank 4×6 index card of their favorite thing. There was a slight variation between their verbal responses and what they drew. I’ll put these pictures on a poster to be used at our Daisy Tea recruitment this fall.

Picture responses:
*Earning Petals
*Baking cookies
*Eating Snacks (which we didn’t do very often)
*Picking apples and pumpkins
*Going through a corn maze
*Sleeping over at the aquarium (x3)



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