Troop SPCA Visit

This afternoon my troop met at our local SPCA for one final hurrah of the Pets Badge and 3 Cheers! Journey.  Eleven girls (plus some siblings) participated. That is an amazing turn out! Especially considering seeing animals in cages can be hard.

Bean and I and another mother and her daughter arrived fairly early, so several of the volunteers let the girls go into the cat room to pet and play with some of the kittens while we waited.

Once everyone arrived, we went into a classroom-type room to go over the basics of proper dog and cat etiquette.  It was nice that the woman in charge of the tour was also the person who came to our Daisy meeting previously. She asked the girls about baking the biscuits and making the cat toys. They were all enthused to share. The volunteer pulled out several of the cat toys and lead the way to the cat room. She let several of the girls hand out the toys. They loved watching two kittens fight over one of the toys.

spca 005

After the girls got to play with the cats, we went back to the room to grab dog biscuits for the girls to pass out. I didn’t know how they would handle the dogs even though they were in cages. I have a hard time with the jumping and barking because all I can think of is, “take me home and love me!”, when I see them. However, for the most part, they did great. Some of them were a bit intimidated by the jumping and barking, but everyone gave at least one dog a treat. I ended up going back to the room to get more. There were a few girls who would have been perfectly happy staying there for the rest of our visit.

Once everyone gathered back in our room, one of the volunteers brought in a dog for the girls to pet. He was a stray who had only been at the SPCA for about 2 weeks. He was adoptable and mild-mannered which is why he was chosen.  The girls went around taking turns petting him. Several of the younger siblings kept getting in the way, but the dog wasn’t bothered. Although when there were four girls left, he was done with the attention. He started chuffing at one of the girls when she approached him. I know she and the others who didn’t get the chance to pet him were disappointed, but there is only so much Daisy/Brownie love a dog can handle.

Because not all of the girls were able to pet him, the volunteer handed out more cat toys and we all trooped back to the cat room for more fun.

Overall it was a great visit. The girls had fun, and didn’t seem affected. Several kept asking to bring a cat home with them. I am going to do a little write up of our visit and the badge/journey work that lead up to it and see if our little local paper will run the story with a picture of the girls.


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