Meet the Masters: O’Keefe

After an incredibly long hiatus, we finally did another MTM lesson – Georgia O’Keefe. I do like the program (even if the script for the slide show is more geared towards a classroom, and at times makes Bean roll her eyes), but I can never find the time for it. Our subscription expires in May, so we need to get a jump on it.

Georgia O’Keefe
I’ve always loved Georgia O’Keefe. She took an object and put a spin on it, focusing on a part instead of a whole.  Bean seems to share this love as she has asked for me to buy her a picture of O’Keefe’s to hang on her wall.

As with previous artists, I tried to find picture books to read. I checked out multiple books from our library, but the two below are the ones we ended up reading. The tone of Through Georgia’s Eyes was a bit annoying, but we ended up doing an internet search to find the pineapple painting from Georgia in Hawaii.

GA in HIGA eyes

The art project was fairly simple. Bean had to draw rolling hills and then show distance by using value. We used watercolor crayons (prayons) for our pictures.

haircut 011


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