SOTW1 Ch 29

This week we read Chapter 20: Rome’s War with Carthage. The chapter itself was short, focusing pretty much solely on Hannibal.

*We read You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Roman Soldier, but it is out of place time-wise. The majority of it takes place in Brittania during Hadrian’s reign. There isn’t a corresponding SOTW chapter for Hadrian.
*We read 5 myths from The Orchard Book of Roman Myths.

hannibal 37 elephantsywwtb roman soldierroman myths mccaughrean

There were two videos about Carthage I had planned on watching with Bean. But it didn’t happen. I might try to see if we can sneak them in this week.

Lost Treasures of the World: Carthage
Engineering an Empire: Carthage

I had hoped to build an aqueduct with Bean this week, but again it didn’t happen. Hopefully we’ll be able to build it when we come back to studying Rome in a few weeks.

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