Weekly Recap 4/14/13

Math – Bean did two lessons reviewing the 9’s and 10’s math facts. With those lessons done, she completed MM1A. She also took both the Chapter 2 test (92.3%) and the Chapter 3 test (91%). Both problems that she missed were missed because she either didn’t pay close enough attention to what was asked, or she was pouting because I wouldn’t help her.

The Railway Children (Usborne Young Reading)
Stories of Princes and Princesses (Usborne Young Reading) (in progress)

Current Read Aloud
Orchard Book of Roman Myths
Dealing With Dragons

LangSmarts B – Pages 37-43 completed. Topics covered were r-controlled vowels, and silent E.

WWE – Week 28 completed, with excerpts from Little House on the Prairie and On the Banks of Plum Creek.

History – Chapter 29: Rome’s War with Carthage.

Science – Lesson 8: The Digestive System.

Spanish – We completed Lesson 14, which was a review of the previous three lessons.

Art – We finally did Meet the Masters (again)! The artist we learned about this time was Georgia O’Keefe.


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