Brownie Bust

Tonight we were supposed to complete the Snacks Badge (Step 3 – sweet snack & Step 4 – a snack for energy). I spent a lot of time planning this because one of my girls has a severe nut allergy, and we weren’t able to use the church’s kitchen.

I schlepped all of the required items to our meeting room. My unofficial assistant leader and her daughter arrived. I knew that one girl was going to be absent because of a school obligation.

And no one else came.

Not one.

So the three of us waited for over 30 minutes past our start time and decided to pack up and call it a night. We left a note on our meeting room door in case someone showed up (extremely) late, and went home.

There isn’t another meeting we can use to make this up. The Brownies have two meetings left . They’re going rock climbing  for one, and the other is our final meeting of the school year, which will be with the Daisies.

I sent an email to all of the parents advising of such, attached the badge requirements, and now it’s in their hands. This has been a beyond frustrating evening. I didn’t help that my three year-old felt that an epic tantrum was a necessary topper.


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