Brownie Badge: Snacks



1. Jump into the world of snacks
—> Measuring sugar in snacks (not in book). Each girl brought a packaged snack in (I brought a few extras) to be measured. We ended up with orange soda, candy hearts, fruit gummies, yogurt covered pretzels, peanut butter sandwich crackers, M&M’s, and strawberry Yoplait yogurt.

I went first with the orange soda. I told them the serving size (the entire bottle) from the label and then read how many grams of sugar were in it (72g). I put a small, clear plastic cup on a digital kitchen scale, zeroed it out, and scooped in sugar until the scale read 72 grams. Then I held up both the soda and the cup with sugar in it so the girls could see. They were all amazed at how much sugar was in it.

Going around in a circle, each girl measured her snack. If it was in a package, or if the package was more than one serving, I dumped the snack into one of the cups so it would be easier to visualize just how much the serving size was compared to the amount of sugar in it.  All of the girls, and even some of the moms, were surprised by some of the results. Yoplait had a lot of sugar in it.

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2. Make a savory snack
—> Make a savory snack from a different country. Instead of using the recipes shown in the booklet, I had the girls make hummus. This is the recipe my husband uses when he makes it at home. We have modified it slightly, to include a 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of sumac (these amounts are for a full recipe). All of the girls liked the hummus (eaten with carrots and saltines). I brought in some pre-made guacamole for them to try as well, and only 2 of them liked it.

3. Try a sweet snack
—> We  were going to make whipped cream from scratch and make strawberry fool. I like the option from the requirements about what amounts to a “make-your-own cookie bar.” That would have been my choice if we had had access to the kitchen.
—> We ended up doing this step on our camping trip this past summer by making s’mores. Simple and easy.

4. Snack for energy
—> This one was somewhat tricky because one of my girls has a severe nut allergy. It was actually hard to find a “nut-free” granola bar recipe that was truly nut-free. A lot of them use coconut oil, and well…she can’t get near coconut. It’s a nut. I did end up finding one that doesn’t require baking (again with the lack of access to the oven). If we didn’t have a nut allergy in the troop, we would have made GORP.
—> We also did this step on our camping trip. The girls each brought something (raisins, M&M’s, pretzels, etc…) so we could make a trail mix for our hike.

5. Slurp a snack
—>Make your own fruit smoothie. The girls made banana/strawberry smoothies. (Ingredients: banana, frozen strawberries, apple juice, honey, and some ice) My one girl who always complains about trying food once again complained, and once again liked what she tried. We only made one batch, so the girls took turns putting ingredients into the blender.


5 responses to “Brownie Badge: Snacks

  1. Fabulous. This is so much better than what is in the book. Thanks for posting!

  2. Love the measuring the sugar idea!!

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  4. Do you have the recipe or link for what you used for the Savory snack? we also have a nut allergy in our troop.

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