ES Biology HB: Lessons 8 & 9

Last week did Lesson 8: The Digestive System. For whatever reason, this was another lesson Bean was interested in. She did several of the experiments on her own during non-school-time. I hope she develops a love of science. I would love it if at least one of my children were heavily into STEM.

*We only read the first part of The Dynamic Digestive System. The latter half touches on nutrition, stomach ailments, and some interesting historical facts about the stomach. I’m sure we’ll read it at some point.

hamburgerdynamic digestive

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Digestion
Magic School Bus: For Lunch

With this lesson we ended up doing three different experiments. Two of them Bean did completely on her own.  We got the ideas for them from What Happens to a Hamburger and Bill Nye.
*Bean #1: She took a bite of carrot, chewed it 10  times and spit it onto a plate. Then she took a second bite, chewed it 30 times and spit it onto a plate. The purpose was to show how your teeth and tongue start the digestion process by mashing the food up. The more you chew, the more mashed it becomes.
*Bean #2: She stood on her head while eating a carrot to see if it would still travel to her stomach. It did.

We also did our final experiment from the MSB kit. Bean actually did this with my husband, so my information is coming secondhand. The experiment relates the breakdown of starch into simple sugars by saliva. To demonstrate this, Bean put several drops of iodine onto a piece of bread and onto a small pile of sugar. The iodine changed color when it touched the bread (because there’s starch present), but not the sugar (because there is no starch present).


This week, we completed Lesson 9: The Urinary and Reproductive Systems. It was a light week in terms of content. We didn’t do any external reading for the urinary system or complete any experiments or watch any videos. This was a fairly minimalist lesson.

*We didn’t read this book in association with this lesson, but we own it, and I like it. It’s a good overview of all things body and the pages on reproduction are age-appropriate (though you should still preview it because your idea of appropriateness might be different from mine). Amazon doesn’t sell it new at the moment, so I would check with an Usborne consultant.

flip flap body


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