Curriculum Obsession

Both last year and this year, March and April have shown to be the beginning of my obsession with the following school year’s curriculum, to the detriment of school and sleep. I am ready for this school year to be over so we can move on to new stuff. (And of course next year at this same time, it will be the same scenario repeated. And the year after that and so on.) The possibilities of next year are so  exciting – I get to research! Make lists! Create spreadsheets! The call of the spreadsheet is much more alluring then what is current in reality.

It’s all I can do to restrain myself from buying books, going to the office supply store to have bindings to be cut so the books can be spiral-bound, get other books printed through online vendors, create and organize book lists (does the library have them or do I need to buy them?), hunt down topic-related videos, experiments, activities…

You get the picture. I’m one of those people who loves a good office supply store and who has lists upon lists scattered all over my house.

For most topics, I’m already fairly sure about what I want to do (and for a few of them, already have the books). I was initially on the fence about continuing with RightStart because it is so teacher prep intensive, but Bean enjoys it and switching between RS and MM keeps her from getting burnt out of math (even though she’s not too shabby at it).

Below is my list of guarantees, on the fences, and want to fit in but have no earthly clue how to.

2nd Grade Guarantees:
Writing With Ease 2
First Language Lessons 2
Elemental Science: Earth Science
SOTW2 & Activity Guide
Math Mammoth 2A & 2B
RightStart C
D’Nealian Handwriting Book 3
Logic (various sources)
Spanish (but I have no clue what curriculum since there is no Song School Spanish 2)

On The Fence About:
We need to add in a formal spelling curriculum this fall, but I’m stuck between two curricula. All About Spelling is the most popular choice amongst the classical homeschoolers I interact with (in an online manner), but it has a lot of component parts. So, my two spelling possibilities are:
Apples & Pears
Sequential Spelling

How Do I Fit These In?
Geography (Expedition Earth)
Latin (Song School Latin)
Religion (Telling God’s Story – this was an epic fail this year)
Art (Meet the Masters and/or Atelier – art was sporadic this year)


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