Weekly Recap 4/21/13

The high point of the week was going over to a friend’s house to look at/touch a dead garter snake. She talked to them about the basic anatomy and showed them what had most likely killed the snake. There was no dissection.

Math – We switched back to RS B this week. However, we have spent the entire week on one lesson, 90. It deals with multiple-digit addition. There were six worksheets that went with it. We completed 1.5 sheets the first two days, and one per day after that.

Stories of Princes and Princesses (Usborne Young Reading)
Stories of Fairytale Castles (Usborne Young Reading)

Current Read Aloud
Dealing with Dragons

LangSmartB – Pages 44-52 completed. Topics covered included single letter consonants, consonant blends, and consonant digraphs.

WWE – Week 29, excerpts from All-Of-A-Kind Family. This book has been added to our “to read” list because Bean wants to know the outcome of the lost library book.

History – Chapter 30: The Aryans of India. This chapter covered mostly the caste system and the Buddha.

ScienceES HB Lesson 9: The Urinary System & Reproductive System.

Spanish –  Bean completed Chapter 16 (more animals) and started Chapter 17 (colors). She’s already familiar with the words introduced, so it was mostly review for her.

Logic – Bean did more pages in Dr. Funsters Think-A-Minutes A1.


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