Daisy Bridging Requirements

The new Girl Guide has two requirements that Daisies need to complete in order to earn the Bridging Award. All Daisies will move up to Brownies at the end of their first grade year/beginning of second grade year regardless of if they complete these requirements. They just won’t get the official rainbow patch that goes on the front of their Brownie vest/sash.

Step 1: Pass It On
The gist of this Step is to share Daisies with girls who will become Daisies next year. Sometimes this is easier said than done if you don’t have access to a large pool of rising kindergarteners at your disposal.  If you don’t, then you get creative in how this step is  completed.

What We did:
*Each girl drew a picture of what she liked best about Daisies. I will make a poster with their pictures for our Fall recruitment.

Other Ideas:
*Have girls make a poster/mural illustrating their favorite line of the GS Law (similar to what we did above).
*Have girls create a skit they can perform at a GS recruitment event at their school or for rising kindergarteners
*Have the girls create a story about their favorite Flower Friend
*Teach younger girls the GS Promise (or make a poster for new Daises to use in the fall)

Step 2: Look Ahead
The gist of this Step is to learn about Brownies with Brownies. If you have access to a Brownie troop, then you can see about having your Daisies visit one of their meetings. However, if you don’t have access to one, again, you need to get creative. I had to do this last year. Our SU is very small, and while there was a Brownie troop, it wasn’t one I would want my girls to visit. This year it’s a bit easier since half my girls are already Brownies.

What We Did Last Year:
*Learned the “Brownie Smile Song”
*Earned our first Badge (Senses)
*Talked about what Brownies do

What We’re Doing This Year:
*My Brownies will teach my Daisies the “Brownie Smile Song”
*Brownies  will share what they liked best about Brownies
*Daisies will earn their first Badge at our camp-out (probably Home Scientist)

Other Ideas:
*Visit another Brownie troop at one of their meetings
*Have Brownies figure out what their favorite Badges and show the Daisies how they earned them (maybe complete a Step or two of the Badge with the Daisies)
*Go on a joint camp-out with Brownies
*Go on a field trip with Brownies
*Invite some Brownies to come to a Daisy meeting to talk to the girls about what they’ve done (they can show off the patches on their vests/sashes)
*Have Brownies share their favorite line of the GS Law

And because I am in absolute awe of the mom who made this cake, here is the Bridging Cake we had last year. There is one daisy for each Daisy in the troop.

fgh 002


2 responses to “Daisy Bridging Requirements

  1. What a gorgeous cake, and such a lovely idea for when girls are moving up sections!

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