Daisies 4/25/13 – Started The Green Petal

Tonight we started our final Petal of both the school year, and for my Bridging first graders, their final petal of Daisies – Use Resources Wisely/Green Petal.

Most of the information I could find for Petal ideas focused on recycling, which while important, is not necessarily what I wanted to do. Recycling is all well and good, but if you squander the resources the stuff comes from, well then…now what? I wanted to put more emphasis on conservation, but even that was hard to do.  There wasn’t a lot of information that I could manipulate into doing what I wanted it to do.  So we ended up reading a book, playing a game, and doing a craft. Not really what I had wanted, but it worked. Maybe next time around I’ll do a better job on the conservation part of this.

Basic Meeting Outline:
Opening Circle
What are resources and how do we use them wisely?
Touch on recycling
Read Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish by Michael Foreman
Played a recycling relay
Painted tin cans for strawberry planters
Planted strawberries
No Closing Circle since we went over meeting time

Once we completed our OC, I introduced the Petal. I asked the girls what resources are (and they actually got it!), and why they are important. We talked about some of the resources we have here: farms (local food) and lakes/rivers (electricity, fishing, and cargo transport) and why we need to keep them safe.

I also touched on recycling and why it’s important, but also tied it back to the fact that if we don’t carefully manage the resources we took them from, then we’re out of luck. While I know it’s slightly uncouth, I love my husband’s analogy: don’t poop in your house. Why should we take care of our resources? That’s why. Saving the planet is too huge and nebulous even for most adults let alone seven year old girls.

I brought two picture books with me, Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish and Just a Dream. I didn’t know which one would be better, so I asked one of the moms to take a quick look-loo and give her opinion. She said Dinosaurs, so that’s what I went with. The girls enjoyed it; colorful, uncluttered pictures get the point across nicely.

With the book finished, we headed over to the playroom next to our main meeting room do to a recycling relay. The girls were divided into two teams. Each team had to grab a recyclable item and put it in the box then tag her teammate. Each team did two rounds.

Then we went to our craft room to start on our strawberry planters. I came across a blog with the neat idea to make a hanging strawberry planter out of tin cans. I saved enough of the empty 32oz tomato cans for the girls so we could do it too. Tin cans = recycle, strawberry runners from the garden of one of the moms = reuse/local, potting soil we had lying around = reuse.

The girls painted the cans, washed up, ate a snack, then planted the strawberries. One of the moms did a par-dry on the cans with the handblower in the bathroom, then I sprayed them with a sealant. Happy times!

zoo 036

We’ll finish up this Petal at our next meeting (also the last of the school year). The first part of the meeting will be taken up by a representative from our trash/recycling collection company. She’s going to talk to the girls about what happens after the goods hit the curb.


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