SOTW1: Ch 30 & 31

Last week we read Chapter 30: The Aryans of India. The first part of the chapter focused briefly on the the population change as well as an introduction to the caste system. The second part was about Siddhartha/Buddha.

*Both Bean and I really enjoyed I Once Was a Monkey. It was well worth purchasing, and it opened up some interesting conversations.
Between the two books about Siddhartha becoming Buddha, the one by Demi was better.

elephants micebecoming buddhamonkeybuddha demi

Kid’s Animated History with Pipo, Disc 2 (The information is good, but the random interjections by Pipo run from annoying to somewhat insolent.)


This week we read Chapter 31: The Mauryan Empire of India. There wasn’t a lot of content for this chapter. We didn’t do any activities or watch any videos, just read stories.


indian children storiessavitriganesh


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