Weekly Recap 4/28/13

A highlight of the week was our trip to the zoo. All of the kids had fun (except Bug, when a gull stole a piece of her sandwich).

Math – Bean completed RS B Lessons 92-94. She also (belatedly) took the mid-year test (100%).

Reading – I’ve been bad about having Bean read to me. We’ve been averaging 3-4 days per week instead of 5.
The Magic School Bus Fights Germs

Current Read Alouds
Indian Children’s Favorite Stories
Dealing With Dragons

LangSmartsB – pgs 53-65 completed. Topics covered included: silent consonants, word patterns, a or an, and reading a short paragraph to find the a/an and spelling mistakes.

WWE – Week 30 completed. Excerpts from tales of Ancient India. (Coincidentally, a different version of the “crocodile wants to eat the monkey’s heart” story we read the previous week in one of the Buddha books.)

History – Chapter 31: The Mauryan Empire and Ch32: China: Writing and the Qin.

Science – ES Biology HB: Lesson 10 (The Immune System/Allergies/Nutrition) and ES Biology Plants: Lesson 1 (Leaves)

Spanish – We finished Chapter 17 (colors) and completed Chapter 18 (questions).

zoo 006 ed

zoo 025 ed

zoo 030 ed


2 responses to “Weekly Recap 4/28/13

  1. Anne Rutherford

    Great stuff. Is the Indian Story book where you read the Ganesha story? (He is one of my favorite all-time characters.) Interesting about reading the different version of the monkey’s heart. If you wanted, I could work with you on putting together some stories like that – different versions of Cinderella, for instance. It would be a cool way to look at cultural differences, how the tales get changed for each culture. (this could be a little down the road in comprehension. For me, I mean. Grin.) Good work Mom-Teacher! 🙂

    • No…It was its own separate book – should be listed in the SOTW post for Ch 30 & 31. I would like to do something w/different versions of a fairytale. I have unit for that about Cinderella. I’ll show you the next time you’re out here.

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