Rock Climbing Brownies

Tonight was the last Brownie meeting of the school year (our last troop meeting will be next week). Instead of having an actual meeting, I decided that we’d go to an indoor rock climbing gym instead. The other Brownie troop in our SU joined us, and all of the girls had a blast. A blast to the point that we’ll be doing this again come fall-time.

One of the big draws for tonight is that I was able to get my hands on a retired Council’s Own Try-It called Climb It. (I’m assuming it’s no longer available because the council took down the requirements from their website.) The girls were able to meet several of the requirements for it this evening. We’ll knock out the rest of them at one of our camp out planning meetings.

Back to tonight. As they arrived, the girls harnessed up, then went through a safety brief, then a demonstration of how to climb, and finally went over how to belay with each of the adults who would be helping the girls climb.  They spend the next hour and a half climbing. (The guy who worked with them was amazing. He had a natural rapport with the girls.)

Safety Briefing.

Safety Briefing

How to Boulder

How to Boulder

Bean on the Wall

Bean on the Wall

One of my adventurous Brownies

One of my adventurous Brownies

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