ES Biology Plants: Lessons 1 & 2

Last week, we started our 6-week unit of Plants in ES Biology Plants – Lesson 1: Leaves. We did the readings in one day, then the experiment on another.  I’m hoping Bean is as interested in plants as she was in the human body.


leavescatching sunlight

Eyewitness: Plants
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Plants
The Magic School Bus Gets Planted

We did an experiment shown in the Bill Nye episode. Bean picked an avocado leaf, I cut it up, Bean put it in a glass jar and poured in enough rubbing alcohol (BN suggested nail polish remover) to cover the leaves. We taped a piece of coffee filter to a pencil and set it so the end of it just barely touched the alcohol. An hour or so later, some of the clorophyll had leached out of the leaves and up the filter. It left a green-yellow streaky line across it.


This week we did ES Biology Plants Lesson 2: Flowers. We did this in one day  because things here are just starting to bloom (like tulips and daffodils) so we didn’t do the associated nature/flower walk. I think Bean would have been game to do two lessons in one day, but since this isn’t a long unit, we’ll most likely finish it early anyway, and we don’t need to finish it quite that quickly.


flowers stone flowers bryant mole

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Flowers

We did the classic stick-a-white-flower-in-colored-water experiment. I split the stem of a tulip and placed each half in a different color of dyed water. For whatever reason, only the blue was sucked up. The red/purple never made it past the first several inches of the stem.

rock 001


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