Girl Scout Planning Dreams

After a successful rock wall climbing outing last night, I am in high “dream” gear when it comes to GS. While part of me is utterly burned out from this year, another part of me can’t help but think of all the awesome stuff I can do with my girls in the years to come. And as much as I hate the direction GS seems to be going – away from actual “scouting” and more towards the corporate let’s talk about our feelings self-esteem thing (and don’t get me started their STEM-pushing) – I love the fact that for the most part, troops are fairly autonomous. As long as I play by their rules, I can flavor my troop however I see fit.

When I think of scouting, I see learning new skills, going outdoors, helping your community, practicing good citizenship, and trying things that never even occurred to you to try. This is how you build a well-rounded person who has massive amounts of self-confidence and self-esteem. Why yes…I can build that fire and string a tarp up to make a rain-tight shelter…I climbed to the top of that rock wall even though I was scared to death at first…What? I didn’t even know that (insert X here) existed! That’s so cool!

Below is a non-comprehensive list of all of the ideas I have floating around in my head. Some of them would be for my troop only. Others would be more council-wide.

So what’s currently in the pipe-line?
*One of my fellow leaders in our SU is planning a Me and My Guy Fishing afternoon to take place in June (this will be an SU event).
*I’m supposed to be planning an SU-wide Awards/Bridging Ceremony (yes, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with this one, even though there are only about 50 girls in our SU, and only about half of them will be Bridging)
*My Daisies will do an overnight (camp out-lite) in a GS lodge nearby.
*My Brownies will do a 2-night tent camping trip, with a guided walk to find a beaver lodge that’s on the park’s premises.
*And even though this school year isn’t quite finished, I’ve tentatively set up an overnight at a nature preserve. We’ll knock out some of the Wonders of Water Journey requirements with that. And I already have some good (um…slightly torturous?) ideas for that one.
*Set up a cooking class at Wegman’s (they do them for girls in grades 1-3). (added 5/5/13)

What I’m dreaming of for the near(ish) future.
*We will revisit archery and rock climbing this fall
*Get something set up with our local roller derby league (behind the scenes, learn some moves, watch a practice/game, etc…)
*Camping at Watkins Glen (or another campground in the Finger Lakes region)
*Canoeing/kayaking on some of our local waterways
*Star-gazing at the local astronomy club
*Overnight at the zoo/science museum
*Go fossil hunting
*Do an adventure/ropes course
*Winter camping (well…we’d stay in the lodge and  have fun in the snow)
*Knot-tying and lashing
*Horseback riding

What I’m dreaming of in the more distant future (meaning at least 3 years out).
*A trip down to Savannah
*A trip to NYC or DC
*A trip overseas
*Hop the border and go to the Great Wolf Lodge that’s just across the river from us in Canada
*River rafting (maybe in conjunction with camping)
*Explore some of the caverns that are in the eastern part of NY
*Get with a local hula hooping group/club and have a seminar on hooping (maybe with some fire hooping demonstrations…?)
*Survival training (it’s offered through our state’s parks department…they have been an amazing resource, you should see what your state’s parks department does)
*pocket knife skills

What I’m dreaming of event planning for multiple troops
*War of 1812 Bicentennial event (the action in our area took place in 1813)
*”A Night in Candyland” event for Daisies/Brownies (swaps, candy-making, experiments using candy…)
*A 3 Cheers for Animals! Journey day at our zoo (I’m waiting to hear back from both Council and the rep at the zoo about this one)
*A thrift shop fashion show (older girls, set a $$ limit for how much they can spend to revamp thrift shop clothes, if it could be turned into a charity/fundraising event that would be cool too)


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