SOTW1 Ch 32 & 33

Last week we completed Chapter 32: China: Writing and the Qin.

*This book takes place during the Tang Dynasty. I didn’t realize it until the end of the book where the author put a blurb about the historical Han Gan.
*You Are In Ancient China is set during the Han dynasty, so only a short time after the first emperor.

han gan horseyou are in ancient china

*We attempted to watch several videos about the first emperor of China that are streamed on Amazon, but they were either theatrical reenactments or subtitled. And none of them were terribly suitable/interesting for a 1st grader.

Animated History With Pipo, Disc 6

*We didn’t get a chance to watch any of these, but they were on my list
Secret’s of the Dead: China’s Terracotta Warriors
Modern Marvels:  The Great Wall of China
Lost Treasures of the World: China

The first section of this chapter talked about calligraphy and Chinese characters, so we copied the basic strokes and several of the characters. I watered down black tempera paint, found some round brushes, and gave the girls watercolor paper.


This week, we did Chapter 32: Confucius. It is incredibly short and can be done in one lesson. I wasn’t able to find any picture books about him in our library system (or videos online). I wouldn’t have minded making paper, but I don’t think it would have gone very well  given the nature of the baby boy (who desperately needs a moniker).

*Adventures in Ancient China takes place during the Han Dynasty, so it works with the general time frame from the previous chapter, but not with this one. But both Bean and I highly enjoy this series.

adventures in ancient china



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