Weekly Recap 5/5/13

The two highlights of this week were rock climbing with my GS troop – Bean whined and fussed and wailed how she was scared and couldn’t do it, and by the end of our time at the gym, was climbing to the tops of the walls and asking to have her birthday party there – and First Friday Art Class (picture of Bean’s work at the bottom of the post).

Bean also started taking a gymnastics class one day a week. A school nearby will do lessons during the day as long as there are three or more students. Between myself and one of my friends, we have three children who are old enough, and close enough in age, to do it.

Math – RS B lessons 95 & 96 (coin money) and chapter 5 in MM1B (time, hours and half hours). A big part of me didn’t want to deal with all of the extras of RS every single day this week, so I slipped in some MM (which Bean surprisingly did not complain about).

The Magic School Bus Fights Germs
Oh Say Can You Seed? (Cat in the Hat)
Amelia Bedelia

Current Read Aloud
Dealing With Dragons

LangSmarts B – pgs 66-83. Topics included: syllables, word families, and rhymes.

WWE – Week 31 completed. This lesson had two poems instead of excerpts. Week 32 also completed, excerpts from “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.”

History – Finished up Chapter 32: China: Writing and the Qin. Also did Chapter 33: Confucius (very short chapter).

Science – ES Biology Plants Lesson 2: Flowers and the first part of ES Biology Plants Lesson 3: Fruits and Seeds (we did fruits).

Spanish – Chapter 19 (numbers)



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