ES Biology Plants: Lessons 3 & 4

Lesson 3: Fruits & Seeds. This lesson was fairly quick. I know there are ways I could make it more in depth (such as getting a bunch of different seeds to do a comparison), but I can see the end of the school year, and I just. want. to get there.


fruit lynn stoneseed plant gibbons

The Magic School Bus Goes to Seed

Bean planted four bean seeds in a baby food jar. She stuffed it full of paper towels first so she could see the beans sprout.

Day 1: Planted

Day 1: Planted

Day 5: Growing Roots & Shoots

Day 5: Growing Roots & Shoots

Day 5: Alien

Day 5: Alien


We did Lesson 4: Nuts, Cones, & Spores in one sitting. I couldn’t find any additional books/videos that went with these specific things, and our attempt at doing the experiment was a bust – find a pine cone and soak it until the scales are loose so you can pull out the seeds. It is the wrong time of year to find cones unadulterated by small critters.




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