Weekly Recap 5/12/13

Bean loved her second week of gymnastics (definitely worth losing half a school day for). I also signed the other two up for a mommy and me class that happens right before Bean’s lesson. Bug took to it like a fish to water, and my moniker-less son clung to me like a leech.

I also signed Bean up for the local soccer league. I am not a fan of soccer, but a good chunk of the kids in our area play, so she’ll get to meet other kids outside of GS (even though half of her troop will be playing in the league as well, and her coach is also a GS leader). It will also be good for her to learn how to work in a team environment (as much as I dislike teamwork b/c invariably one person has to pick up all of the slack for everyone else, but that is more prevalent in school or at a job).

Math – RS B Lesson 97 (measuring) & Chapter 8 in MM1B (coins).

Amelia Bedelia
Come Back, Amelia Bedelia
Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia

Current Read Alouds
Dealing With Dragons
Julius Caesar (Usborne Young Reading)

LangSmarts B – pgs 84-103. Topics covered: rhymes, contractions, compound words, and high frequency words. LangSmarts is good for review/reinforcement purposes, but I wouldn’t use it as my core curriculum.

WWE –  Weeks 33-35 completed. Excerpts came from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Socks, and The Wind in the Willows. One more week left! I just want to get WWE done… (this feeling has more to do w/it being the end of the school year versus the curriculum itself).

History – Chapter 34: The Rise of Julius Caesar and Chapter 35: Caesar the Hero. We are almost finished w/35 – we need to finish the Usborne book about Caesar, we need to read a book or two about Cleopatra, and we need to make a mosaic.

Science – We completed ES Biology Plants Lesson 4: Nuts, Cones, & Spores. We didn’t do any extras for this one. We also started Less0n 5: Stems, Trunks, & Bark.

Spanish – Chapter 20: Review. We listened to the songs, played some games, and did worksheets. DH and I asked Bean ¿Tienes…? questions with Tengo/No Tengo responses (ie…do you have a brother?, do you have four cats?…)

Art – We did MTM: Monet. My subscription expires tomorrow, and while I can renew it, I didn’t want to renew the module Monet was a part of since he was the only artist left for us to study. Both girls loved the art project. We’ll read a picture book about him tomorrow, and I’ll most likely check out a few others from the library.


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