Daisies: Green Petal


This was the last Petal we earned this year, and I didn’t do it the way I would have liked to. Ultimately, that is my fault  for procrastinating to the degree that I did. I would prefer to focus more on conservation of natural resources (and possibly local foods) versus recycling. While recycling is good, it’s done to death by schools and various television shows. Recycling will do squat if we’ve manage to squander the resources we have. In short Using Resources Wisely = Don’t Poop In Your House.

What We Did:
*Read Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish
*Played a recycle relay
*Planted strawberries (taken from the garden of one of the moms) in 32oz tin cans (that I had saved over several weeks)
*A  woman from our trash/recycling collection  company came to a meeting to talk to the girls about what happens after they pick up the recycling
*And in general, when we  do have snacks, we use regular plastic plates  and cups that I’ve been hauling to and from meetings (picked up in the dollar bins at Target)

Other Ideas:
*Take a guided visit to a nature center/nature preserve/wildlife preserve to learn about conservation/protecting resources
*Visit (or have someone come to a meeting) from a hunting/conservation club
*Make bird feeders from empty soda bottles
*Decorate plates from MakIt.com to use as your snack plates (if you do snacks)
*In that vein, have the girls bring in a plate and a cup to use at snack-time
*And you could also buy some blank cloth napkins for the girls to dye using natural dyes made from berries, etc… (If you want to get fancy)
*Learn about an endangered plant/animal in your area and create a poster to educate others about it
*What are your local area’s natural resources? Why are they important?
*Visit a recycling center
*Plan flowers/herbs/etc… into a tin can, jazz it up with some re-purposed wrapping/craft/scrapbooking paper for Mother’s Day gifts or to give to a nursing home/senior center/soup kitchen/etc…
*Have families save up interesting looking recyclables, dump the saved items onto a table and let the girls “invent”
*Have a recycle drive (if you live in a deposit state, use the $$ to buy/plant a tree)
*Participate in a community clean up event
*Visit a farmers market or a farm that runs a CSA (community supported agriculture) – How is eating/buying local foods using resources wisely?
*Plant a community vegetable garden
*Plant a container vegetable garden
*Using empty glass baby food jars and tissue/wrapping paper, Modge-Podge pieces to the outside, tie a ribbon around the rim, put in a tealight

Journey Tie-In:
Welcome to the Flower Garden
Between Earth & Sky

Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish
The Wartville Wizard
The Wump World
The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rainforest
The Lorax
Just a Dream
The Adventures of an Aluminum Can: A Story About Recycling
The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling
Farewell to Shady Glade


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