Final Meeting of the SY

And we are done!! Well…not really…we still have Bridging and two camping trips (one for Daisies and one for Brownies), but we’re done meeting-wise. I learned my lesson last year in that half of my girls play soccer (which starts mid-May and one of the two weekly practices is on Thursday evenings at the same time as our meetings).

Our meeting was divided into two distinct sections: Finish Green Petal, and End of Year Activity. For the first half, we had a visitor from our trash/recycling company come and talk to the girls about what happens to our recyclables after they leave the curb. She also had them do a small experiment dealing with water absorbancy (piece of paper, paper towel, and wax paper). I don’t remember why she had them do it, but that could very well be because I was trying to keep a few of the girls somewhat quiet and on their bums.

She ended by having the girls watch a video of what happens at the sorting facility. Some of the girls were enthralled by it (mine was in that group), while others could have cared less.

The presentation as a whole wasn’t exactly what I was expecting – I thought she was going to bring some props in to show items made from recycled items, but she did have a huge recycling bin with her to show the girls some of the things that are recyclable (plastic watering can and a small pot, for example). The girls liked that part (and the experiment part).

The second part of our meeting focused on an end of the year activity. Last year, one of the moms put together some incredibly cute mini-scrapbooks for the girls. This year, they made memory books with the cookie boxes as the covers. They had to “sew” the binding together and then decorate the inside with GS information and pictures of the Petals/Badges/Journeys they’ve worked on this year. So the contents for a Daisy would look like this:

Troop #/Name of Leader/Names of Girls
GS Promise
GS Law
GS Motto
GS Slogan
Green Petal
Spring Green Petal
Red Petal
Purple Petal
3 Cheers for Animals!

The idea was given to me on one of the GS leader forums I visit.

art 008

art 010


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