MTM: Monet

Under the wire regarding the expiration of our MTM subscription (and not wanting to renew the module Monet was a part of because he was the only artist left from it we hadn’t completed), I snuck this lesson in on a Sunday night. We read the books over the next several days.

Even though I’ve been incredibly sporadic about completing the lessons, both Bean and I enjoy them. I did spend the money to renew the modules we had not completed yet. And I will repurchase once Bug and my moniker-less son are old enough to get anything out of it. Aspects of the online presentation can be choppy for some of the artists, but if I were standing in front of a classroom it would make more sense for some of the phrasing they’ve chosen. It’s a minor thing that’s easily overlooked or skipped.


magic garden monetkatie water lilymonet's impressions

The project was to do an impression of a tree using dabs of paint. The girls got dabbing down (for the most part), but then got a bit crazy with the leaves. Bean decided that the leaves were falling off of her tree which is why it looks like a primary color blizzard. And Bug…well, she’s three and is tagging along for the fun of it.

art 004

art 001

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