Weekly Recap 5/19/13

Math – Bean completed the tests for MM1B chapters 5 (94%) and 8 (100%).  She also the chapter on place value – this should be fairly easy for her since RS has been working on this since the beginning. She also completed Lessons 98 & 99 in RS B.

The Knight at Dawn (MTH #2)

Current Read Aloud
Dancing With Dragons

LangSmarts B – pgs 104-123 completed. Topics covered included: high frequency words, nouns, and verbs.

WWE – Week 36 completed, which means we are done with WWE until 2nd grade starts this September!   Excerpts came (mostly) from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

History – We finished Chapter 35: Caesar the Hero, and mostly completed Chapter 36: The First Roman Prince. We also finally did the mosaic craft that has been on the “to do” list for several weeks.

Science – We completed both Lesson 5: Stems, Trunks, & Bark, and Lesson 6: Roots and Review. We are officially done with science until 2nd grade starts in September!

Spanish – Chapters 21 & 22  completed. Both dealt with parts of the body, which was mostly review for Bean.


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