ES Biology Plants: Lessons 5 & 6

Lesson 5: Stems, Trunks, Branches, & Bark. We took two days to do this lesson because of the picture books.  And because we kept getting side-tracked from doing the experiment.


plant plumbing stems lynn stone

*We put celery stalks in three glasses of water – sugar water, salt water, and water that had been dyed blue. The purpose was to show how water/nutrients are sucked up the xylem to the leaves.  After several hours you could see some of the blue in the stalk we put in that glass, but I couldn’t taste the salt or sugar in the other two.
*Bean went outside and did tree rubbings of the various coniferous/deciduous trees in our yard for her narration page.


Lesson 6: Roots & Review. We also took two days to do this lesson because of the experiments. But, now we are finished with science for the school year! Yay!


taking root roots lynn stone

*We attempted to grow a carrot from a top, but it didn’t work. That probably has more to do with the fact that I went away for four days and neither Bean nor DH took care of it.
*I also wanted to dissect a tulip with Bean for a review, but it didn’t happen. We’re running out of school steam.


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