Weekly Recap 5/26/13

Bean had her ballet and tap recitals this past Friday evening. She has definitely improved since last year. All of the girls in her classes have – they were more in sync and fluid in their movements (minus Bean scratching her ear at one point). I also loved watching the older girls’ routines. Some of them were beautiful. I do hope Bean keeps going forward with dance – she’ll do ballet and tap again this fall, but it’s her decision in 3rd grade to keep doing it or not.

School this week was somewhat off. I was out of town on Monday and Tuesday (DH did do most of school with Bean, thankfully!). The rest of the week was somewhat haphazard because Bean and I were sick, and Anne is visiting.

Math – Bean did MM 1B exclusively this week. She started the chapter dealing with place value. It’s mostly review for her since the concepts covered have been covered by RS since almost the beginning of Level A.

The Knight at Dawn (MTH #2)

Current Read Aloud
Dealing With Dragons

LangSmarts B – pgs 124-136. Topics covered included verb tenses,  noun-verb agreement, and possessive nouns.

History – We finished Chapter 36: The First Roman Prince, and also read several books about Pompeii. It’s not really covered in SOTW, and I thought Bean would enjoy it.

Spanish – Chapter 23 (food), well it was a sort of about food, but mostly about quiero/quieres. Bean had trouble with the concepts, so we’ll definitely be doing review for this.

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