SOTW Ch: 40, 41, & 42

It took us a week and half to do the final three chapters in SOTW1 – 40: Rome Begins to Weaken, 41: The Attacking Barbarians, and 42: The End of Rome. I skipped the book selections from the AG and searched my library system for events/characters mentioned in the text. Bean specifically wanted to learn about Boudicca once I gave her a brief summary of who she was.

I have to say that I enjoyed SOTW1. There were some discrepancies and over-simplifications, but it was easy enough to fix (or to gloss over until next time). We did it secularly, so we skipped over the chapters that were directly religious, which was also easy enough to do. I would use it again as a spine. If you need help organizing what you want to do for Ancients, it works. I like that it’s chronological instead of civilization-centered. There were times when Bean was ready for a break from one civilization, and because the book skipped around them, it helped keep her attention.

*In Ten Queens: Portraits of Women in Power, we read the chapter on Boudicca. I did have to edit a few things since they talk about what the Romans did to her daughters, and an almost 7-year old isn’t quite ready for that bit of info.
*In Barbarians!, we read what amounts to the first half of the book – the sections on the Goths and the Huns. I’ll use this book again when we get to the Vikings and Mongols.

10 queens barbarians


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