Weekly Recap 6/2/13

The homestretch for school is in sight! I’m going to have Bean take the CAT-E test (more for my personal records than anything).  My final quarterly report is due on the 21st.  And Bean starts summer camp in the 24th. Al. Most. There.

Math – Bean almost finished the chapter in MM1B dealing with place value (and some other things thrown in). We also did lesson 101 in RS B. Math is going to drag on into summer break since I was horrible about actually getting it done every day. Some weeks we were lucky to do it 2 or 3 times. Oh well…at least she’ll have less of a summer slump.

Pirates Past Noon (MTH #4)

Current Read Aloud
Dealing With Dragons

LangSmarts B – pgs 137-165. Topics covered include: possessive nouns, subjects/predicates, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences.

History – We completed the final three chapters of SOTW this week. No attempts at crafts or videos, we just read books. I hate to give the Fall of Rome short shrift, but I’m ready to be done. And we’ll be doing Ancients again in 5th grade (which means a lot of the videos, etc…we couldn’t use this time around will be appropriate then).

Spanish – We completed Chapter 24 (actual kinds of food), and started Chapter 25 (review). We are not going to complete this chapter because I’ve hit my “I’m done with this” wall. We’ll set it aside for the summer and pick it back up again this fall. I’m sure we’ll need to do some review before we dive back in, but that just lengthens the time that I’ll have to figure out what we’re going to do next since there is no Song School Spanish 2.

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