Daisy Camp 2013 – Part 1

This weekend was my Daisies’ camp out. We stayed at the same GS lodge as last year (and again, one parent per girl was required for the camp out). Out of nine girls, eight came. And they had a blast! My friend and soon-to-be-official assistant leader and I are getting better at planning to fill the time.

I’m going to break our camp out into three separate posts: a general, catch-all post, one about Earth & Sky, and one about Home Scientist. If I don’t, I’ll end up with an insanely long post that would be a bear to read.

We kept the food simple, pretty much doing what we did last year. The big difference was that we had the girls help with cooking the hot dogs (we made our own fire circle within the insanely huge one already there), and we did actual s’mores instead of the s’more cones.

hot dogs/buns
baked beans
density drinks (see the Home Scientist post)

freezer bag omlettes

This year, we actually sang some camp songs (no Boy Scout Pack to share a flag retirement ceremony with us). When I look back on all of the songs I learned as a girl, there really was a high number of them that dealt with death and/or dismemberment. I never really thought about it like that until I started thinking of what I was going to teach my girls.

*The Brownie Smile Song
*Little Black Things (I’ve seen this sung to the tune of Clementine, but that’s not how I learned it, so that’s not how I taught it.)
*A Ram Sam Sam
* I Met a Bear (this was a collaborative effort amongst the moms because we all remembered bits of it, but not the whole thing)

*Johnny Appleseed
*Rise and Shine

Some of the girls started eating dinner before we said grace, so I had to explain why we do it and that it is a traditional part of GS camp – you go to an overnight camp, and you will sing grace at every meal. They were better about it at breakfast this morning.

We did our normal Opening Ceremony (GS Promise, talking about the agenda), an end of the year ceremony, and a Closing Ceremony (substituting the “Brownie Smile Song” for “Make New Friends”).

The end of the year  ceremony was really just me giving the girls a little present (GS cookie chapstick and GS stretchy bracelets) and their membership stars. For my three girls who will be Daisies next year, I also gave them a Daisy Hard Work & Dedication certificate.

I also gave thank you’s and tea/coffee cups to the several moms who have either been at pretty much every meeting volunteering, or who gave me ideas that helped with planning out meetings and events. I am very lucky to have pretty much every mom involved to some degree or another (in a positive way).

One of the few non-Journey/Badge things we did (the other being free play), was Sharpie Tie-Dye. Most of the girls brought white t-shirts. I bought some white bandanas for the few who didn’t remember.

A mom in my troop suggested this as a less messy alternative to traditional tie-dyeing, and it definitely is. I would recommend having at least two packs of Sharpies to make things easier, but my eight did alright sharing/passing around the markers. All of them would give this high marks as a craft they would like to do again.

daisy camp 006

My Bandana Sharpie Sample



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