Weekly Recap 6/9/13

CAT-E Test – school was pushed to the wayside a bit because Bean did the CAT-E test this week. I looked it over beforehand, and it seemed fairly easy – it tests the baseline of knowledge she should have learned during first grade. After her initial fuss about being scared, etc… Bean thought it was fun. I’m pretty sure she missed only a minimal amount of problems. Because of that, I’m tempted to either have her do the 2nd grade CAT-E, or do to the 1st grade ITBS. I know the ITBS is a completely different test, but I’m curious to see where she stands with it. It’s more comprehensive, and I think it might give a more accurate view of where she stands.

Math – We did the MM1B review lesson on the place value (Chapter 4), and did the first two lessons in Chapter 7. We also did RS B Lesson 103 on thermometer/gauge reading.  I counted the math portion of the CAT-E for one day, and the two lessons in Chapter 7 were each four pages long, and we did almost every problem in them.

Pirates Past Noon (MTH #4)

Current Read Aloud
Dealing With Dragons
The Little Prince

LangSmartsB – pgs 166-192. Topics covered included run-on sentences, noun/pronoun, am/is/are, was/were, me/I, and double negatives.


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