Troop Garden

Tonight the girls planted our garden. We started it last year as our Welcome to the Flower Garden Journey TAP and will most likely continue planting it until we are no longer a troop. Each year it will get a little bit easier since the perennials will get larger (I’ll add a few more as we go along).  All of the perennials we planted came back, so we just had to fill it in with annuals. I did buy one more perennial to fill in one of the corners that was empty.

The girls also weeded other garden beds at the church to help with their Between Earth & Sky Journey TAP. I’m not comfortable with it being the only thing they do, but because we’re getting close to summer vacation, it is going to be hard to wrangle everyone into a field trip. At least I’ll have all summer to think of what to do. We’ll just have to do it before September 30th when my Bridged Daisies officially become Brownies.

We will most likely do a “lake beach garbage pick up day”, though if I can get approval, we might do a deposit can collection and then use the money to tide us over until we sell cookies in January.  And of course, the girls might have their own idea. Or we could do another round of weeding for the church.

piano garden 010 ed


One response to “Troop Garden

  1. I loved gardening with my troop when I was little. My favorite was picking out what kinds of seeds we wanted to start indoors in the early spring. I loved planting the seeds in little pots while there was still snow outside.

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