Weekly Recap 6/16/13

Even though we only have three subjects going at the moment, last week was kind of an unproductive week (at least to the degree that I had wanted it to be productive). A combination of being ready to be done and a family emergency put the kibosh on plowing through multiple lessons.

Math – Lessons 102 and 104 in RS B completed. We completed four lessons in Chapter 7 in MM 1B (Adding/Subtracting Within 0-100). I’m fairly sure we’ll still be doing math after the 21st.

Reading – Bean did not do any out loud reading to me this week.

Current Read Aloud
The Little Prince

LangSmartsB – pgs 193-257 completed. Topics included: comparing, singular and plural, synonyms/antonyms, homophones/homographs, compare and contrast, rhymes/riddles, categorizing, ordering, and sequence.


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