Daisy Camp 2013 – Earth & Sky

My final post about our camp out focuses on the Between Earth & Sky Journey for Daisies. I am that kind of person who can’t let slide the fact we only earned two out of three Journeys, especially when the final Journey focuses on nature. So in addition to working on their first Brownie Badge, my Daisies did most of the E&S Journey as well. All that is left is the TAP.

earth sky

We did two different activities for this award: charades and jump-roping. In addition to these activities, I tried to tie in feelings to other activities we did (not terribly successful at this because I would think of it, then the girls would get distracted and move mentally onto something else).

*Feelings Charades: We opened up our camp out with this game. Each girl wrote a feeling on a piece of paper (over half were “happy”, so I added a few extras) and put it in a blue bucket.  Then we went around the circle, pulled a card out, and acted out the feeling. The game was alright. I think the girls were more interested in getting outside and running around.

*Jump-Roping: I started teaching the girls to jump rope when we earned our Red Petal, and wanted to continue practicing it since it seems to be a disappearing art. We talked about how they felt when they first went (scared, nervous), and how they felt when they finally were able to jump while the rope was spinning (excited, happy). This also falls into the skills part of the Blue Bucket Award since they are learning a new one.

*Feelings in General: I tried to insert “feelings” into other activities we did. It didn’t always work b/c the girls kept bouncing around.

This is the part of the Journey where I focused my attention – nature rocks and kids don’t get enough of it. We did several activities, and there were still more that we could have done (like making dyes from plants and then doing a tie-dye with it).

*Nature Walk: After we played feelings charades, each girl buddied up, was given a ring of color paint chips, and headed out to the woods (one mom per duo). The girls had to look for shapes, textures, and colors, mom wrote it down for them. The girls had a blast trying to find matches for their chips. For whatever reason, there were a lot of slugs, and we decided that their closest color match was Fresh Papaya. When we got back to the lodge, the girls shared how many different shapes, colors, and textures they found.

daisy camp 001

*Drawing Nature Pictures: After we finished the nature walk, the girls shared the natural items they brought with them. They explained what they chose and (some of them) where/why they got it.  Objects ranged from rocks (the most popular), to worms in dirt, grass seeds, leaves, and daisies. The girls then had to draw a picture of one of the items, but not their own, then guess what each other had drawn.

*Plant Parts 1: After dinner, we moved on to plant parts. I printed out some diagrams that labeled the various parts so the girls could see it (and so I had a reference). I had also stopped by a florist earlier in the day to buy some lilies so we could find the corresponding part from the paper on it. The girls loved this. We ended up breaking open some of the buds since the open flower had essentially been emasculated, and were missing some critical parts.

daisy camp 002

*Plant Parts 2: The second part of plants we did was to put white carnations in colored water to see how plants “drink.” We had two flowers – one went in a single class of water, and I split the step on the second and put each half in a different glass of water. The girls spent the rest of the evening rushing back to the flower to take peeks at their progress. (It’s interesting to note that one of the colors chosen was purple, but only the red portion of the purple showed up in the petals) (One more thing that would be fun, but we didn’t get to – put celery in colored, salt, and sugar water and see how it tastes after it’s had a chance to suck it up)

*Seeds 1: We learned about seeds the following morning after breakfast. One of the moms brought in a bunch of different veggie seeds so the girls could compare them. I talked about the differences between seeds and tubers, and how seeds travel differently to find new places to grow (wind verses being eaten by an animal). I put the seeds onto a plate and let the girls gently blow them. They used that to help them figure out which seeds might travel on the wind.

*Seeds 2: The final part of our Journey to be done at camp was a seed craft. Each girl received a piece of mat board (free scraps from Hobby Lobby). They wrote their name on it, then covered their names with seeds.

daisy camp 007


3 responses to “Daisy Camp 2013 – Earth & Sky

  1. You are doing such wonderful work, Em. Giving them exposure to things that are so neglected & sparse for today’s little girls. Nature does rock, and so do you!

  2. I came across your blog while trying to get ideas for this Journey. Did you do anything for the Clover Award??? Or do you have any good ideas?? I am trying to cut down the length so I can get all 3 in this year.

    • We haven’t had a chance to finish it because of weather. We were supposed to do litter pick up at one of our area state parks. You might want to get a hold of your state’s conservation department for ideas – like building bat boxes, planting native plants/trees…

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