Daisy Petals & Journeys

This isn’t a “how” post, but it will at least outline which Petals can be tied into which Journey. There is some overlap.

Welcome to the Flower Garden
Pink (Make the World a Better Place)
Green (Use Resources Wisely)

3 Cheers for Animals!
Red (Courageous and Strong)
Spring Green (Considerate and Caring)
Yellow (Friendly and Helpful)

Earth & Sky**
Blue (Honest and Fair)
Orange (Be Responsible For What I Say and Do)
Purple (Respect Myself and Others)
Magenta (Respect Authority)
Yellow (Friendly and Helpful)
Spring Green (Considerate and Caring)

**Given that the first part of this Journey focuses on feelings, etc…it would be easy to tie in the Blue, Yellow, and Spring Green Petals. You could also use the first part to focus on the Orange, Purple, and Magenta Petals. Personally, that is what I would focus on since kids get feelinged and self-esteemed to death at school and elsewhere, while they are short on learning about responsibility and respect.


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