Posts for the Summer…

Now that I (in theory) have oodles of time on my hand now that both Girl Scouts and homeschooling are on hiatus, I have a list of posts I want to plow through before we start up again in September. This list isn’t complete as I’m sure I’ll find other things I want to add. At some point, I want to sit down and do some rough outlines for more Journeys.


Curriculum reviews for:
*Math Mammoth
*Story of the World
*Elemental Science Biology*Song School Spanish
*(Possibly) Explode the Code, The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, Writing With Ease, Song School Spanish, and First Language Lessons

Book/Video Lists for:
*Story of the World (Ancient India, Ancient China, Rome, Greece, Others)
*Elemental Science Biology (Animals, Human Body, Plants)

Girl Scout-Related
*Brownie pre-camping meeting #1
*Brownie pre-camping meeting #2
*Brownie camping, part 2
*Between Earth & Sky Outline
*Bean’s forays into GS camp (both day and overnight)
*Planning a seminar to be taught at an event by our Council
*My first time training new leaders (they take you up on it when you open your mouth)
*Start planning out World of Girls and Wonders of Water (we’re doing both Journeys this year)
*Tighten up Welcome to the Flower Garden, and create an actual outline (my 3 remaining Daisies will do this Journey this year)

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