Brownie Camp Planning #1

Tuesday, June 18th was the first meeting for planning our camping trip in July (I’m a bit late in posting this). I held it in my house since it’s summer-ish (and we’ve been done with regular meetings for over a month), and I learned that I will never hold regular meetings in my house – it was crazy!We were able to accomplish everything I wanted to, so that’s good. I planned a little on the light side since the parents have a tendency to show up between 10-15 minutes late to meetings (something that I will address at our parents’ meeting this fall).

Meeting Outline
Opening Circle
Overview of agenda
Go over Canadian Girl Guide Badges to be earned
Intro to Meal Planning
Mess Kits/Highlights of our trip
Edible Fire
Closing Circle

Girl Guide Badges: After doing our Opening Circle and giving the girls a brief outline of what we were going to do, I launched into the two Canadian Girl Guide Badges we’re going to earn at our camp out:

*Be Aware

gs 002

You can tell from just these two pages that there are lot more “scouting”-type badges offered for the Canadian girls versus the US girls. I don’t understand why GSUSA seems to think that our girls don’t like science/outdoors activities (but that rant is a whole ‘nother post).

Meal Planning: Once we we finished talking about the badges, I divided the girls into two groups so they could start planning meals. Each group will plan and prepare a breakfast and dinner. I’m in charge of lunch on Friday. One mom is in charge of each group. They’ll finalize menus at our next meeting.

Mess Kits: And because I forgot to go over mess kits before we started meal planning, I did it afterward. DH pulled about 50 kits from a dumpster on base a while ago, and the girls can use those (if they want). I showed them my kit, and explained why I have each item. I’ll send an email out so parents know what to get for their kit. Dunk/wash in soap water, rinse in plain water, dip in bleach water, and hang to dry. Simple! Easy!

gs 001

Trip Highlights: I also forgot to go over some of the highlights of our trip, so I went over them after we talked about mess kits. I set up a nature walk with the NYS Parks Dept (they are an amazing resource) for Friday morning. We’re going to see if we can find the beaver lodge that is reputed to exist on the creek the campground is named after.

Friday afternoon will be relatively low-key since it’s going to be hot as the dickens in mid-July (yay for a lot of large shade trees on our camping sites!).  We’ll also do some of the Sharpie tie-dying I did with the Daisies (bandanas this time), probably jump roping, and possibly something involving water balloons.

Edible Fire: The final activity of our meeting was edible fire. I want to teach the girls how to build a proper fire, and thought that starting with a snacky-type activity would be good. We’ll start looking at the actual components of fire next time.

camp birthday 004

*Marshmallows – fire circle
*Shredded carrots – tinder
*Thin pretzel sticks – kindling
*Pretzel logs – logs
*Candy corns – flames (not shown)
*Cup of juice – water bucket (not shown)


One response to “Brownie Camp Planning #1

  1. Anne Rutherford

    I like it all, especially the edible fire. 🙂 Go scouts go!

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