SOTW1: India

Here are some resources for Ancient India. It’s not a comprehensive list, and I recommend reviewing materials before you use them to make sure they’re appropriate for your family.

I found it very hard to find any concrete history books about the Aryans and Mauryan Empire for younger children. Most of what we read were myths and folktales.

**Please preview materials to make sure they are appropriate for your family**

Ancient India (in general)

Ancient India
India: Exploring Ancient Civilizations
Exploration Into India
Hands On History: Ancient India
National Geographic Investigates: Ancient India
Everyday Life in Ancient India
Science in Ancient India
India (Ancient Civilizations)
Ancient Indians (Crafts from the Past)

British Museum: Ancient India
History For Kids: History of India
Kids Past: Indian Civilization
Academic Kids: Indus Valley (more links at bottom of page)

The Story of India, Ep 1 “Beginnings”
Ancient India: A Journey Back in Time
Kids Animated History With Pipo, Disc 2

Indus Valley / Harrappan

The Indus Valley (History Opens Windows)
Life in the Ancient Indus River Valley

BBC: Indus Valley
Indus Valley slide show
Mr. Donn Indus Valley

Aryans / Buddha

I Once Was a Monkey
Becoming Buddha
Buddha (Demi)
Buddha Stories (Demi)

Aryan Migration
Ajanta Caves (Buddhist monument)
Buddhist Monument at Sanchi
Mr. Donn Buddhism
Mr. Donn Aryan Civilization

Mauryan Empire

Ancient India/Mauryan Empire (Explore Ancient Worlds)

Myths / Stories

How Ganesh Got His Elephant Head
Indian Children’s Favorite Stories
Once A Mouse
One Grain of Rice
The Little Brown Jay
Rama and the Demon King
Savitri: A Tale of Ancient India
Ramayana for Children



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