Brownie Camp Planning #2

Tonight was our second, and final, pre-camping meeting before our trip next week. The girls finished up the details of their menus, roughed out a packing list, built a campfire, and roasted marshmallows. I’m not going to outline it since we didn’t do a lot of things.

The first item of business was to finish menu planning. Each team is in charge of one breakfast and one dinner. I’ll plan out our lunch. Here’s what we ended up with:

Thursday Dinner
Spider Dogs
Honey Dew Melon
Baby Carrots and Potatoes

Friday Breakfast

Friday Dinner
Pizza Pockest (made using pie irons)

Saturday Breakfast
French Toast
Fruit Kebabs

We’re also going to finish up our Snacks Badge whilst camping – make something sweet (s’mores) and a snack for energy (nut-free gorp).

Once the girls and moms finished up their menu planning, we started working on our packing list. They did a good job with it. One of the girls got incredibly detailed, down to the number of shirts, etc… to bring (her family camps a lot). I didn’t get too in depth because every mom is going too, but I’ll zip out an email with the final list. Unlike when we’ve lodge camped, we’re bringing shower supplies this time. Mostly because it will be a good way to cool off in the heat.

The final part of the evening was campfire building. DH was awesome and set everything up at our fire pit. I went over tinder, kindling, and logs, showing the girls examples of each. I also showed them how to build both teepee and log cabin fires. Then they took turns building a fire from the tinder up.  It took a bit of finagling on the part of myself, my husband, and one of the moms to get the fire going well (definitely need fire starters!), but we did it, and the girls roasted marshmallows. And played in our sand pile. And on our rope swings.


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