Brownie Camping Summer 2013 (#2)

This post is for all of the details and ruminations I didn’t put in the previous post. It was already long enough.

Badges Earned

We had some slight changes to the badge earning plan because I found out that I cannot buy Girl Guides of Canada badges. It’s a shame, really, because while they’ll let non-Guiders buy their program books, they won’t let them buy the badges (but I found out that the Guides in Australia and the UK will, so we’ll be earning some badges from them). I want to track down a Canadian leader who is willing to get the badges for me. Fingers crossed.

be awarecookoutThe girls earned the GGC Cookout badge, but didn’t quite complete the Be Aware badge (we didn’t build the shelter).

ready set go campingMy assistant leader (AL) tracked down the retired Try-It, Ready, Set, Go Camping on eBay for a reasonable price. She grabbed them all, which is enough for the girls who were at the camp out. Almost by default, we completed all of the needed requirements:

*Bandana Tricks: well…we modified this some. The girls Sharpie tie-dyed white bandanas instead of doing tricks with them.
*A Camp Stew for You: because this was cooked over the fire, the girls did only the prep-work like cutting veggies. For every meal we ate, the girls did all of the prep-work.
*Knowing Your Knots: AL (re)taught the girls the overhand and square knots. We were going to have them do three-legged races, but then we got thunderstormed out.
*Hiking Scents: this was another modified requirement. We went on a hike, looking for signs of beavers and their lodge instead of sniff-walking.

SnacksWe also finally completed our Snacks badge. We made a sweet snack (s’mores) and a snack for energy (nut-free gorp that we took on our hike with us).

Plans For the Next Time

We won’t go tent-camping again until next summer, but already we have ideas for how we’ll do it differently. I’m really glad we had such a small group our first time out. And I’m really glad that all of my parents are understanding about the kinks.

*Camping will be at the same state park. However it will be in June. I would like to get all GS-related things done by July 1.

*The girls will be broken down into Patrols. Each Patrol will be in charge of one meal. One parent will be in charge of each Patrol to help them plan, and to buy the food items necessary. We’ll reimburse them out of the troop account. It was a pain to try to remember everything. If we divvy up who brings what, it will be less stressful.

*Each Patrol will have a duty at every meal. We haven’t gotten all of the details worked out, but it will be along the lines of one group preps/cooks, another washes dishes (but not mess kits), another deals with trash and straightening up the campsite, etc…

*We will have a camp kaper chart and a loose schedule.

*Make a camping supplies plastic storage bin to put some of the basic tools we use, so we’re not trying to remember to grab things like can openers, matches, cutting boards, etc…from our kitchens.


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