Review: Song School Spanish


We started Song School Spanish (SSS) partway through our school year in January. We stopped in June at Lesson 25, and will start up again in September.

Good for K-2nd. Possibly K4, depending on your child. I wouldn’t use it with older children because the content would be too light for them.

There are 31 lessons in SSS. Most take a week (3ish days of lessons), though some take less.  Review lessons occur every 3-5 lessons. The book starts with the basics – greetings and introductions – spread out over the first three lessons.

Each lesson starts with the words or phrases to learn – in general between five and seven, the lyrics to the song(s), a brief chapter lesson that explains something or other about the language, and ends with several worksheets. (I opted to scan and print these out since I want to reuse this book with my other two children).

Each review lessons goes over the words/phrases and songs learned in the previous lessons, has one or more worksheets and/or activities, and a chapter story (where you read a story that’s mostly in English that inserts the Spanish words learned into it).

There is also a teacher’s guide. I bought it since it was included in the bundle, and it has proven to be useful for me. I have not used the front part of the book that has teaching help/tips in it, but I’ve copied multiple worksheets that are in the back. I usually use them to supplement a review lesson.

Again, because of the bundle, I have the flash cards. And they turned out to be a good investment for us. At the end of most lessons, we’ll play memory, old maid, or go fish with them. It reinforces what Bean has learned. I’ll also throw in a few from previous lessons for review.

What I Liked
*The layout – it’s simple and uncluttered
*The content – again, it’s simple, but each lesson builds on the previous one in the sense that by the time you hit the first review lesson, you can already hold a simple conversation
*The songs – catchy and ear-wormy. They stick in your head, which by default keeps you practicing.
*It gets done without complaint – Bean adores SSS and is one of her favorite subjects. She’ll ask to do more.

What I Didn’t Like
It’s hard to find anything I don’t like about this program after using it  for six months, but there are some small things that bother me.

*The content – some chapters are light on content, and I wish there they had more reproducibles. Bean loves doing the worksheets, and even with the ones in the teacher’s guide, there aren’t always enough.
*The songs – there are a few we don’t  care for, and one that I can think of off the top of my head that has a pronunciation error in it.
*What do I do next? – if only they had a Song School Spanish 2 out. They recently put one out for Latin, so maybe Spanish will be next.

How I Structured the Lessons
Day 1
*Say/repeat new words/phrases
*Listen to the song(s)
*Chapter lesson
*Play a card game
Day 2
*Review words/phrases
*Listen to the song(s)
*Play a card game (maybe)
Day 3
*Review words/phrases (sometimes I’ll throw in words from previous lessons)
*Listen to the song(s)
*Play a card game
Day 4 – only added in if Bean needs extra practice or if we’re doing a review lesson

Overall, both Bean and I are happy with SSS. I’ll use it with my other two when they are old enough. My goal at this age is not for Bean to be fluent, but to create the right synapses that will make it easier for her to learn a foreign language in earnest when she is older.

sss 008

Lesson 2

sss 009

Lesson 2


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