Starting school up again, sort of

School wasn’t supposed to start up again until right after Labor Day, but…Bean has hit a math slump.  I had earnest intentions to keep up with reading and math during the summer, but both Bean and I were burned out from school and needed a break. Plus we had so much else going on, that there was never a lot of down time.

That is changing as of today because of Bean’s math slump. A few weeks ago, she asked me how to add 27+27, something she should know how to do in her head. Several days later, she asked what 9+3 equals. Again, something she should know. It could be mental laziness, but I don’t want to run that risk. So back to school-lite we go.

This week, she’ll do math and reading. She still hasn’t completed MM1B, and that needs to be done by the time we start 2nd grade.

The next two weeks (while I’m gone), she’ll do math, reading, and LanguageSmarts B. I also want that finished before we start 2nd grade.

When I get back, we’ll add history – Story of the World 2 – into the mix. There are 42 chapters in it, with very few we’ll be skipping. I want to make sure we get it done before summer camp starts up next year. Bean loves history, so win-win for starting it early.

There are a little over two weeks from when I get home to when school officially starts. Other subjects might get added in as well – possibly Writing With Ease 2, First Language Lessons 2, and/or Explode the Code 4 1/2.


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